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WPHugs offers an open safe space to connect & share about our mental & emotional well-being with other like-minded people in the WordPress Community. The aim is to raise the bar on our awareness of Mental Health issues and what it truly means to us as a community and to truly realize what is a balanced life.


We offer the opportunity to connect at a deeper level than just talk over a coffee and code and in a space of understanding and non-judgement.


Mental Health is extremely important yet we only have gym memberships but one for a psychologist. Lets help change the stigma.


By constantly connecting in our safe and caring environment we can build an education base from which we all could learn from.

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Become a member of our caring WPHugs WordPress Slack Community (always free, always caring).

Our slack group is a group of individuals who are caring and non-judegemental. A Place where we ask “How are you?” and care about what you say – and you can be honest. A community for the community, by the community – democratising caring. Everyone is welcome.

You do not need to contribute to the public channels, in fact, many don’t. Most importantly its a space do know you’re not alone.

Speak Up, Reach Out

Speak Up, Reach Out

In his death, I found hope 12th of August, 2014 is one of the most important days of life. It’s the day after Robin Williams died. It’s the day I read about his suicide. I was perplexed. I couldn’t understand why a seemingly funny man who had everything going great...

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